About Solinco PH


TLH Active Sports Inc. is a company specialized in the distribution of Tennis products in the Philippines, mainly Solinco Sports. Since 2014, when Solinco products were introduced in the Philippine tennis scene, it gained broader scale of acceptance from individual players to coaches, universities and colleges, tennis organizations and sports shops.

Aside from the distribution of Solinco products, TLH Active Sports Inc. is also mandated to foster partnerships with local and international organizations. Through these collaborations, it can outsource quality and innovative products and introduce it locally in the Philippines. TLH believes that we need quality cutting-edge products that are outcomes of continuous innovations in order for our athletes and players to elevate their performances. The Solinco strings and racquets are proven to be one of these high-value gears that deliver excellent performance for our tennis players.



TLH Active Sports Inc. believes in the significance of having high-quality and innovative products to generate an excellent performance in the field of sports. We also believe that the greatest benefit from a brand is not sponsorship but relationship. Here, we value our people, our customers, and our partners. That’s why we are more focused on developing reliable and upright relationships with companies that share the same vision as well as mentor our adopted tennis players and athletes on their character, potentials, and outlook in life.


In TLH, we show passion, commitment and excellence in everything we do. We are dedicated to achieve our purpose and reach our corporate objectives.


“Solinco Philippines aims to provide the Filipino tennis players and athletes with high-quality and innovative tennis equipment. We do this through the continuous distribution and resourcing of performance-enhancing, cutting-edge tennis equipment in the country.”


In-line with Solinco USA’s vision of creating a Team Solinco where several sponsorships were given to promising juniors, teams, and ATP and WTA professionals, the Solinco Philippines has adapted a local Team of National Top-ranked tennis players, varsity players and coaches.

Team Solinco PH upholds the C.O.D.E - Character, On court/ Off court humility, Discipline, and Excitement. It also reinforces the Adoption Mindset where each individual could understand and learn the value of relationship and character more than having the opportunity to acquire a sponsorship.

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